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Why You Need A Professional Resumé

There are over 7 billion people on earth today. 30 to 60 seconds of what sets you apart from everyone else is what employers use to determine whether your resume will get a further reading, an interview or be discarded forever in the waste along with hundreds of other poorly written resumes.

value your resume

Value Your Resumé

Understanding the value of your resume is the first step to being successful. Imagine what a single day off work will cost then multiply by 10. Without a professional resume that is what the real cost could be in terms of lost wages, potential opportunities and pay increases.

always be closing

ABC - Always Be Closing

If your resume is not closing the deal, catching a potential employer’s attention, and securing an interview, then you can be sure someone else will.

secure the position

Secure The Position

A professional resume is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY if you hope to secure a new position, advance your career, boost your pay, improve your professional profile, increase workplace satisfaction or even acquire that first opportunity straight out of high school, college or university.

return on investment

Return On Investment

As with any investment in life a resume yields what you are willing to put forth in terms of time, energy and financial resources. “Go cheap or go home” should never be the motto when creating a document that is so critical to employment and future career success.

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What Sets LightSpeed Résumés Apart?

25+ Years Experience
Personalized Service
Office Based Location
Consulting and Support Services
Objective vs. Subjective Approach

At Lightspeed Résumés we provide a complete front to back collaborative process that includes face to face consultations, preparation, proofing, email files and permanent storage on our system for future updates.

We don’t ask you to figure out what information to include or what to leave off and there are no lengthy forms to fill. Through one on one consultation we’ll ask the questions, stimulate discussion and take care of all the paper work so that you can get back to work and focus on what you do best. It's just the right way to do things!

LightSpeed Résumés Services

All Resume / CV packages include the following:

Consultation, Design and Preparation
Proof Files
Quality Laser Printed Finished Sets (Available Upon Request)
Permanent Hard Drive Storage
Email Files

Additional services are available to aid you in your job search and assist in securing employment with the company of your choice. These include:

Cover Letters
Thank You Letters
Resignation Letters
Linked In Profile
Professional Biographies

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