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What is the real value of a professionally prepared Resumé?

Consider some of these success stories.

Sales Representative to Business Development Manager

(20% salary increase & 50% earnings increase)

"A Sales Representative with Nelgar Oilfield Services hires Lightspeed to completely re-design his Resume. Upon completing the Resume, he is offered progressively senior positions as Business Development/Account Manager and Business Development Manager at two oilfield firms in Calgary. He writes "Just a quick update on what has transpired since Lightspeed Resumes completed my resume and covering letter. As expected I was offered a package from my company in August of 2010 and enjoyed a number of months off prior to starting my search for a new position in late 2010. After posting my resume on a web site, I was contacted by a number of employers almost instantly. Two companies were of interest to me, one within my industry and one from an unrelated industry. I accepted and am currently working for a company within the industry that I have worked in for the past number of years. My salary has increased by just under 20% and my total earnings are expected to increase by as much as 50%. I expect to continue updating my resume fairly regularly and would expect that Lightspeed Resumes will be providing that service. Very much appreciated. Thanks.""

Food Production Operator

(30% pay increase)

"A Food Production Operator from New Brunswick, previously earning $13.00 an hour, enters the Calgary marketplace. He sends out dozens of Resumes he prepared himself with no results. Within 24 hours of re-designing his Resume with Lightspeed, he receives two offers from major food production companies starting at over $17 an hour. As a result of his success, he immediately refers a friend."

Account Specialist to National Account Manager

(50% pay increase)

"An Account Specialist working for Campbell Soups re-designs his Resume with Lightspeed in preparation for a career move. As a result of the success of his new Resume he is promoted to Regional Sales Manager – Western Canada and then National Account Manager with one of the largest internationally recognized chocolate companies in the world. In addition to receiving two promotions within two years his paycheck jumps 50% two consecutive years in a row."

Senior Project Engineer

(80% pay increase)

"A Senior Project Engineer and certified P.Eng. (Professional Engineer) with Hycal Energy engages the services of Lightspeed to help him completely rebuild his Resume. After sending out the Resume to a few oil/gas companies he accepts a position with one of the largest, most reputable sought after firms in Calgary and receives an 80% pay increase over his previous employer. He is so happy with the results that four years later, after getting laid off due to an industry-wide downturn, he returns to have his Resume updated for the next opportunity."


(125% pay increase)

"A Programmer working for Intuit Canada, comes to Lightspeed for help creating a new Resume. Shortly after receiving his significantly improved career tool he is hired at one of the fastest growing RV companies in Western Canada with a 125% increase in salary over his previous employer. He is so pleased with the impact of his new Resume he sends off an email to Lightspeed stating "after sending out the resume you made to see what was out there I received a response about 3.5 weeks ago (less than a week after sending in my resume). To make a long story short, Monday is my first day as Programmer for XYZ company. Not only does this job open quite a few doors for me but it also gave me a 125% increase in salary! I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. If it wasn’t for the resume you wrote for me, I wouldn’t have had the chance to work with these people.""

Gas Plant Operator

(300% pay increase)

"A Gas Plant Operator in Alberta approaches Lightspeed for help with his Resume, which he plans on using to go after an international position. Within a couple of weeks after completing his newly designed Resume he accepts a position overseas as Operations Specialist at Petro China with a 300% increase in pay! He is so happy with the results of his first Resume he returns a couple of years later to get it updated and goes on to successive positions and pay increases as Lead Operator (Keyara Energy), Lead LNG Operator 1 (Fortis BC) and Offshore Production Technician (Encana Deep Panuke Project)."

Dental Administrator to Divisional Manager

"A Dental Administrator from Calgary secures the services of Lightspeed following numerous failed attempts to get into a new field with an existing Resume she wrote. The Consultant at Lightspeed identifies some critical achievements, employee recognition, skills and experience which she had previously overlooked. As a result of her new Resume she is hired as Regional Manager – Sales & Education with a company out of Toronto, doing seminars across the U.S. Her new employer is so impressed with the Resume they receive initially that they fly her to the U.S. to attend one of their conventions, pay her two weeks salary and put her up in a very prestigious hotel….all of this before they have even hired her. Upon being hired she spends two years travelling across the U.S. delivering seminars and promoting the company’s entire line of environmentally friendly disinfectants to associations, universities, hospitals and dental companies. After two years her position is closed out and she immediately returns to get her Resume updated. Within a short period after updating, she receives a new offer from a German manufacturing firm to work out of their Florida Branch as a Divisional Manager – Sales & Education doing many of the same things as she was with her previous employer in addition to marketing and driving interest in their massive line of dental and health service products. Prior to hiring they fly her to Chicago for an interview, then to Florida so she can see the branch operations before accepting their contract. She flies to Florida, signs the contract, receives her U.S. Work Visa and spends the next year and half travelling across the U.S. marketing, training others and promoting their custom line of manufactured dental products. Upon completion of her contract, she returns to Lightspeed for an update and shortly thereafter accepts a third position with a company where she is based out of New York, all expenses paid."

Operations Supervisor to Inventory Control Manager

"An Operations Supervisor, employed with a Supply Chain Management company in Calgary, approaches Lightspeed to have his Resume completely revamped. With his new document in hand he sends it out to three recruiting firms on a Friday afternoon and by Monday morning has three highly competitive job offers. He decides to accept one of the offers as an Inventory Control Manager, handling one of the largest, most recognized distribution accounts in North America. He also receives a significant pay increase and after two years of working for the company is downsized with an unheard of (8) month severance package. As a result of the success of his first Resume he returns to get an update for his next career advancement."

Senior Buyer to Manager of Manufacturing

"A downsized Senior Buyer with Nortel approaches Lightspeed for help designing a new Resume. Having spent many years with the same employer he has no idea what to expect. Within days of completing his new Resume he receives a position as Regional Supply Manager at one of his former employers largest suppliers. As a result of his success he not only refers numerous clients in the following years but returns to update his own Resume following which he goes on to progressively senior positions as Materials Manager followed by Manager of Manufacturing with an international oil and gas company. He writes "Tomorrow will be my last day at RTI. Last month I accepted an exciting opportunity with GE Pipeline Solutions as their Manager of Manufacturing. I will be located in Calgary with travel to some very exotic branch offices on the agenda. A thanks to you (Lightspeed Resumes) for the superb resume writing that got me in the door for my interview process"."

Store Manager to Vice President, Canada & U.S. Pacific Northwest

"A downsized Store Manager who spent many years working for Eatons Canada hires Lightspeed to create a new Resume for his executive job search. As a result of the success of his new Resume and updates he receives successive promotions to Director, Canadian Operations; Executive Director, Canadian Operations and Vice President, Canada and U.S. Pacific Northwest. He is so pleased with the results that over the years he refers a number of acquaintances, co-workers and work associates."

Restaurant Manager to District Manager

"A Restaurant Manager who makes just over $40,000 a year is hesitant at first about getting his Resume done but decides to go ahead in spite of his initial reservations. Within a week after completing his new Resume, he begins to get offers from a number of highly recognized food service companies across Western Canada. He is so overjoyed that he calls from a payphone to express his thanks and let the Consultant at Lightspeed know that he is heading to an interview in Vancouver with a company he was actively pursuing. He attends the interview, ends up accepting their offer (with a significant increase in pay) and begins working for one of the most prestigious internationally recognized coffee retailers as their District Manager. He returns five years later to update his Resume for an even more senior position within the organization."

Manager of National Insurance Relations

"A downsized Manager of National Insurance Relations with Carstar Automotive Canada (Corporate) approaches Lightspeed following her move to Calgary. Within a few days after completing the Resume she is employed at one of the major hotel chains in Calgary and writes "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Resume. Within a couple of days of emailing it out to all my ‘target employers’ I got several responses and job offers. I ultimately decided to accept an offer from XYZ Hotel and start today. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again and I wish you all the best.""

Foreman to Traffic Control Supervisor – Calgary West LRT Project

"A Foreman who had previously been employed with Carmack Enterprises was working as a Class 1 Driver and Wellsite Monitor when he approached Lightspeed to have his Resume completely rebuilt as he was having little to no success with his existing Resume. Upon completion of his new Resume, he was sought out by an HR Manager from one of the largest multi-million dollar construction firms in Canada. She not only chases him down and conducts the interview at his home but afterwards offers him a top position on the Calgary West LRT Project with pay of $149,000 including his own office and company truck. The first day he walks into the corporate office for a project meeting with the other managers he discovers they are all holding a copy of his new Resume from Lightspeed."

Electronics Engineer

"A young Electronics Engineer requests help preparing his Resume for a position in the highly competitive Ottawa market. Within a week after completing his Resume with Lightspeed, he received a job offer from the exact company that he wanted to work for. As a result he refers his wife to get her Resume prepared in order for them to make the transfer."

Mechanical Engineer

"A Mechanical Design Engineer completes his Resume with Lightspeed and shortly thereafter receives an interview that leads to a job offer making more than his previous position and at a significantly higher level of seniority. After moving from Fort McMurray to the Waterton area, he emails a number of his friends and Lightspeed to show them the gorgeous mountain views he enjoys every day on his way to work."

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

"An AME who was an existing client of Lightspeed and had great success with a previous Resume returns to get her Resume updated as she is planning a major transition from Alberta’s booming economy to BC’s slower economy. Following the update she writes "I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the update. I have been offered a job back home and will be leaving Alberta in three weeks. It was well worth the investment!""

Customer Service Manager to Property Manager

"A downsized Customer Service Manager with Boardwalk Equities locates Lightspeed through the Yellow Pages and within a few days after completing his new Resume receives a number of high paying offers from other prestigious property management companies. He decides to accept a position as Property Manager, Mixed Income Housing with the City of Calgary where he is responsible for a 600 unit portfolio, 11 Cost Centres, (5) Resident Managers and (3) Property Tenant Services companies."

Heavy Equipment Operator

"A Heavy Equipment Operator who had been out of work for a number of months approaches Lightspeed to create a new Resume as he did not previously have a professional Resume. Within days of completing his Resume he writes "Hi John, wanted to let you know that I received a number of job offers with my new resume that you wrote for me! Sure was nice to have all those opportunities to be picky. I got a job doing what I love right here in Calgary, with great pay and benefits. Thanks again John. I will pass on your name to everyone that needs it"."

Janitor to Cable Technician

"A self employed Janitor has his Resume done with Lightspeed and with absolutely no training or experience in the industry, finds himself hired as Cable Technician with Phasecom Communications and Shaw Communications. Following five years of steady employment he returns to update his Resume for the purpose of taking his career to the next level."

Out of Province Worker

"Just before Christmas, a young lady and her friend from Quebec schedule an appointment to have their Resumes re-designed. The young lady has her Resume completed and finds a good paying position in less then a week working at a company where she can apply her recent training from college. She is so happy that over the next few months she refers a number of her family and friends to Lightspeed. Her friend decides to wait a few weeks. After getting no results with the Resume she wrote, she contacts Lightspeed and within 48 hours of re-designing her Resume finds a good paying position in her field of work."

Graphic Design Graduate

"A Graphic Design Graduate moving from Toronto to Calgary is referred to Lightspeed by her mother who a few years prior had fantastic success. Upon completing her new Resume the graduate writes "The resume looks great! You definitely have a way with words. You put everything I want to say in a much more intelligent and persuasive tone! I am very proud and excited to send this out!""

Pharmaceutical Graduate

"A graduating student from Toronto completes his Resume with Lightspeed and within two weeks lands a contract position at a major Pharmaceutical firm in Toronto where he is able to use his training and Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology. All this during one of the worst recessionary periods in Ontario’s history."

Truck Driver to Production Worker

"A Truck Driver (Owner/Operator) who has been driving heavy transports for many years decides to take her life in another direction. She contacts Lightspeed and within 36 hours after completing her Resume receives a job offer from a highly recognized furniture manufacturer that she was desperate to get a position with; this in spite of the fact that she has absolutely no experience in manufacturing."